Soilless Grow Media for High-Efficiency Systems

Sourced from the world’s purest commercial deposit of white pumice, Ponics Stone™ is effective, economical, sustainable, and planting-ready—pour directly from the bag into your aquaponic or hydroponic grow beds.

Advantages of Pumice for Ponics Systems

Our pure pumice grow media provides a combination of benefits to high-efficiency growth ecosystems that no other media can:

bulletPonics Stone™ grow media is pH neutral.

bulletOur natural pumice grow media provides an ideal balance between drainability, moisture retention and gas exchange in the root zone.

bulletThe porous structure of Ponics Stone™ grow media is an ideal environment for bacteria / microbe colonization.

bulletThe finely-riven surface of the Ponics Stone™ pumice stones are easy on both hands and roots, allowing shock-free transplanting.

bulletNo rinsing required—the clean, fine dust packaged with the grow media will readily disperse, delivering a quick nutrient charge to the system.

bulletPumice is the physiochemical twin of perlite, without the expense and energy-burn needed to expand perlite to its useful-foamed nature.